Running the template in Python

Once the processor is built, we can for instance run it in Python:

Let's try to run our processor through the Python bindings:

$ cd build/python

# Check that our processor was built correctly
$ ls

# Run it
$ python
>>> import pymy_processor
>>> proc = pymy_processor.Hello_World()
>>> proc.process()

Running the template in PureData

Similarly, one can run the template in PureData:

$ cd build/pd

# Check that our processor was built correctly
$ ls

# Run it
$ pd -lib my_processor

Make the following patch:

Hello PureData

When sending a bang, the terminal in which PureData was launched should also print "Henlo". We'll see in a later chapter how to print on Pd's own console instead.

Running in DAWs

We could, but so far our object is not really an object that makes sense in a DAW: it does not process audio in any way. We'll see in further chapters how to make audio objects.