Minimal shaders

Sometimes only very simple fragment shaders are needed.

In this case, one can omit all the functions and most of the pipeline layout, and only define for instance an UBO, samplers and a fragment shader.

#pragma once
#include <gpp/meta.hpp>
#include <gpp/ports.hpp>
#include <gpp/commands.hpp>
#include <gpp/layout.hpp>

#include <halp/controls.hpp>

namespace examples
struct GpuSolidColorExample
  halp_meta(name, "Solid color");
  halp_meta(uuid, "c9a5fd8e-b66e-41ff-8feb-bca2cdab4990");

  struct layout {
    enum { graphics };

    // Here we only need a fragment output
    struct fragment_output {
      gpp_attribute(0, fragColor, float[4]) fragColor;
    } fragment_output;

    // We define one UBO with a vec4: our solid color
    struct bindings {
      struct custom_ubo {
        halp_meta(name, "custom");
        halp_meta(binding, 0);
        halp_flags(std140, ubo);

        gpp::uniform<"color", float[4]> col;
      } ubo;

  struct {
    // Make this uniform visible as a port
      , &layout::bindings::custom_ubo::col
    > color;
  } inputs;

  struct {
    // Make an output port from the fragment output
    gpp::color_attachment_port<"Color output", &layout::fragment_output> out;
  } outputs;

  // Trivial fragment shader
  std::string_view fragment() {
    return R"_(
void main() {
  fragColor = color;